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Elliott Quinones

4 years ago I was eating horribly and depressed I knew I needed to make a change. I tried various fitness methods but CrossFit by far yielded the best results both physically and mentally. Above all else it was the community that made me who I am today and now I want nothing more then to show other people that change in your life is possible no matter the age or current fitness level!

Mixas Tichenor

What a year's difference can make! It's been hard work and it is still continuing but man it's been an awesome ride! My health and physical fitness is so much better now than my younger days. Thank you to all my family, friends and coaches for your belief in me and continuing support. First picture was taken only 5 years ago at over 200lbs, to the right is a year ago this month, middle is me now! Come on this journey with me!

Misha Szczerbiak Hanzalik

It's officially been 1.5 years since I've kept the weight off & made so many changes to my body. Which is a huge accomplishment when my husbands home & not deployed. Haha. Notice the scale hasn't changed much in 6 months. I use to be so obsessed with weighing myself. I have a lot to still work on (that mommy tummy), but I've never felt better about myself & never felt as strong. I truly do love Crossfit, it's given me a lot of confidence & the feel that I can accomplish so much more, even in my everyday life. If any of my friends want to check out Crossfit, let me know. 

Katie Jaramillo

So this is a hard one to post.  The first pic is my "before" working out pic. I took is Feb 1st (so not even close to my heaviest weight). The 2nd pic is 1 month into doing crossfit. The 3rd pic is today and 2 months into doing crossfit. The whole time I've been eating a Keto diet. I'm posting this bc during this whole process I have struggled w the scale. It's BARELY moved the past 4 months and even if I'm following my diet it still goes up and down. Last week I was on a roll to break my plateau and then all of a sudden the scale went up and I didn't even eat break my diet. This "progress pic" helped though. Even though I'm not seeing the scale go down my body is obviously transforming.

Josh Williams

I'm officially down 40lbs!! Thanks for all the tips, education, and support- I'm feeling great :)The top is me when I was at my heaviest, I really don't know how much I weighed, scales were scary. I was 240 lbs. when I started in December of last year. The bottom two are from this morning at my current weight of 203. I will forever be grateful to all the great coaches I've had to help me along the way. 

Cassie Fitzgerald

Two month progress sticking to zone dieting and increasing volume! Still have a lot of work to do, like working on mindset and pushing through harder workouts, but love seeing progress!! Can't wait to see where another two months takes me.

Brittany Williams

Phyllis Mangum

I will beat her. I will train harder. I will eat cleaner. I know her weaknesses, I know her strengths. I've lost to her before, but not this time. She is going down! I have the advantage because I know her well. She is the old me.

Jamie Fricker

For years I saw my body as a failure. I was so disappointed in my weight and how I felt. I had spent so much time on treadmills and ellipticals with no progress. I had heard about Crossfit and thought there was no way I would be able to do it. I found every excuse not to give it a try. "I'm too out of shape, I have a wrist injury, the workouts are impossible," I told myself I wouldn't be able to do most of the exercises or lifts. Then I read a quote that said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." My New Years Resolution was simple: Stop making excuses.


 I am stronger, leaner, and more confident than I have ever been. I am proud of my body and my progress. I am doing all those things I thought would be impossible. My coaches have been a wealth of knowledge and support. I have met some amazing people and have watched them grow with me. I have learned so much about nutrition, training, and health. Progress pictures can show inches and pounds lost, but what they don't show is the mental strength that is now there. I went from being that woman crying in the fitting room in clothes that just wouldn't fit-to a strong, proud, and confident woman. Crossfit didn't just help me get in shape. It has made me the best version of myself, so far. 

Holly Gilbert

Sarah McGrew

After being a “CrossFit hater” for years, I decided to finally give it a shot during a six-week challenge a few months ago. I’m thankful everyday that I saw the ad on Facebook and decided to give CFD a shot. From my first day at the gym, I was welcomed by staff and members with smiles and excitement and it has continued every day since. Elliott has put together an amazing team of coaches that focus on form and are able to scale any movement as needed based on each individual’s abilities. They are not only an incredible coaching staff with diverse backgrounds but great human beings as well, who have fostered an environment in the gym full of positivity and encouragement. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, have been working out for years, or never done a push-up or lifted weights in your life - there’s a place for everyone at CFD, definitely the best facility with the best staff in the area.

Jerred Olson

I successfully completed the body fat 6-week challenge. I started the program at 194 lbs and ended the program at 184 lbs and 9.6% body fat. I joined the program to primarily become more knowledgeable about proper form and technique of different lift Olympic lifts and other movements. I received more than what I came for, learning about the nutrition aspect of fitness as well.

The first day, the staff and owner (Elliott) broke down the program simply, so that everyone had a clear understanding on what was expected of them to successfully complete the program. Everyone was provided with a base nutrition plan for their desired goal of losing 25 lbs or 6% body fat, which could be easily tailored to the individuals needs. The nutrition plan was broken down so easily that anyone could follow it. There was a 6-week grocery list, and daily examples of what your meals should look like.

After the first week of the program, I had my first counseling to review my progress with Donita, and my nutrition plan was altered to fit the needs of my body. My nutrition plan changed to the CrossFit athlete zone meal program.

Throughout the next 5 weeks, I had become more confident in the lifts, movements, and how to properly supply my body with the fuel it needs.


Over all,

- The facility works hard to develop a welcoming and encouraging environment. Trying to achieve a second family atmosphere. Everyone was welcome, no matter his or her fitness level.

- The staff was very helpful throughout the whole program. They were always available to answer any questions about nutrition or lifting and movement technique.  

- The different lifts and movements in the WODs are broken down so that everyone can learn them. Multiple modifications were provided for those with different mobility needs. It is not a gym that says, put these extremely heavy weights on and attempt to do complicated movements. If they seen you did not have the movements down for the lifts, the staff would tell you to go down in weight or provide you with an alternate exercise. The focus was on learning correct form/technique to gain strength/mobility and prevent injury, not ego.

- The daily WOD schedule is convenient for everyone to be able to attend, even offering free childcare.

**I would recommend the program to anyone who is seeking to better themselves, at any level of fitness.


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