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Alabama State Championship-Donita Green

2 AL State Records- Squat and Deadlift


PWOD!!!!!! Week 8- Get Ready! We only have week 9 left for training.  Week 10 you will attempt your 1RM for each lift on M, W, F.  Keep strong and fight on!


Please don't heisitate to ask any questions or if you don't completely understand what I am asking you to do on any lift.  Good luck, Coach Hoot


Don't forget, you don't have to follow this plan.  I can help anyone fix their lifts and educate them on how to get stronger overall.  So, if you have a friend that just wants me to fix their squat, bring them for the day and they can go back to the CrossFit side afterwards.  Sharing our knowledge in the gym is how we become great as a team!  Coach Hoot


If you have any questions about any of the lifts just ask or message me.



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