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"The Gym Bag"

Products currently available in the CFD Pro Shop

Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend. Kill Cliff aids in recovery and helps you feel awesome again through micronutrient replenishment and is best taken before, after or during a strenuous workout, or when you need to fight that not-so-awesome feeling.


Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink Flavors:

  • Pomegranate Punch 

  • Blood Orange

  • Blackberry Lemonade

  • Lemon Lime

  • Raspberry Blueberry

 FITAID was designed to measure up to the exacting demands of the elite athlete. The number of sports drinks and functional drinks on the market today is nearly endless, but do any of them really live up to their hype? FITAID is different because it is a product that delivers on its promise in a huge way. The FITAID team created a unique formula that enhances athletic execution and speeds recovery. Not only did we create a supplement that actually improves performance, but we also made it paleo-friendly, gluten free, and natural. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious and refreshing too! FITAID contains no sugar alcohols, no Sucralose, no Aspartame, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. A 12 oz can of FITAID contains only 9 grams of sugar (derived from low-glycemic-index raw organic blue agave and stevia) and has only 45 calories. FITAID is the drink of choice for athletes serious about achieving excellence.

Winnies Rip Fix is your solution to cracks, cuts, callouses and rips caused by hitting it hard in the gym. Rip Fix maintains good calluses, takes the sting out of rips and tears and aids in recovery.

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Ascent Native Fuel™ Whey Protein is the go-to post-workout recovery drink to optimize muscle health and performance.

  • Gluten Free

  • Zero artificial ingredients

  • 25g of whey protein per scoop

  • 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs

  • 2.7g of naturally occurring Leucine to support muscle synthesis

  • Made with native whey

  • Informed-Choice certified

Ascent Native Fuel™ Micellar Casein provides a slow and sustained release of amino acids, making it an optimal in-between meal drink, or a perfect before-bedtime snack.

  • Gluten Free

  • Zero artificial ingredients

  • 25g of micellar casein protein per scoop

  • 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs

  • 11g of naturally occurring essential amino acids

  • Informed-Choice certified

If you get hand rips from exercise, then Winnie’s RipFix® is the remedy for you. RipFix is the only product on the market that is made by a family of athletes specifically for hand tears. It takes the sting out of a rip instantly, so you can quickly get back to training. Simply apply to affected area soon after a rip occurs and every night before bed until healed. Keeping the affected area moisturized with RipFix will get you back on your exercise routine in no time.

Our fresh take on sports drinks is made with coconut water, juice, and sea salt. The greatness comes from the simplicity of the ingredients. Read the leading brands label, and you will see it's highly engineered with chemicals and sugar. Lots of money spent on marketing hype, but none spent on the ingredients you drink. So tap the potential in you and choose greatness.

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